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[Digital] Character Animation
George Maestri
New Riders Publishing
1 November, 1996
369 sider
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This book covers everything from designing and modeling characters till animating them and creating short animations. It is the best written book on CG I have encountered so far.

After a thorough introduction about the general design of a character, mr. Maestri describes several modeling approaches. The modeling of different parts of your character are discussed seperately. You will find many tips and hints that enable you to properly animate your model after creation, which will save you countless hours of remodeling your character. Also, Maestri has succeeded to keep the book truly package-independent, since many modeling approaches are discussed. In contrast to most other books, I would not be able to tell which package was used by the author himself.

Also, the book tells you how to bring your character to life. It describes all techniques necessary for walking, facial animation, action scenes and many more. Finally, the book describes how to plan your animation work: creating a storyboard, timeline and planning the necessary models.

However, the main advantage of this book is probably that the book does not rely on you to be a professional modeler, capable of producing high-end realistic models. When interested in animation, character (no pun intended) is more important than realism. For all people interested in creating short animations for fun or industry, this book is the best money can buy.
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