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[Digital] Character Animation 2 Vol II
George Maestri
Prentice Hall
31 October, 2001
240 sider
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In George Maestri's second volume of Digital Character Animation 2: Advanced Techniques, we are taken deeper into the art of animation itself without losing our digital perspective and yet while still maintaining some distance from hardware platforms and software applications. He broke new ground with his first book, Digital Character Animation 2: Essential Techniques, which quickly became a fixture on the recommended reading list of just about every contemporary digital animator. It demonstrated solid methods for building characters and preparing them for animation, and touched on animation itself, all the while staying away from hardware and software specifics. He explained the "why" of doing something. It was up to you to know "how".

Cutting right to the chase, there are no chapters on modelling, lighting or rendering. Every chapter focuses on character motivation, character movement, framing a story, preparing a character for animation and on acting itself. As the animator, you are also an actor, and the more you know about acting, the better you can animate.

As if one section about motion isn't enough, there are separate sections on "human motion", "animal motion" and "anthropomorphic animation", each with some powerful visible examples and demonstrations on ancillary topics such as rigging the underlying skeletal structures and creating morph targets.

This book may not be the massive tome that Inside 3ds Max 4 is, but in its 200+ pages there is a great deal of information designed to help any level animator take his or her career up one notch. --Mike Caputo
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